About Mr. Kengo Saeki

Preserve the traditional culture
-The art of Shigaraki pottery-

Inherit the traditional technique and pass to the future

At d:matcha, we aim to convey the excellence of this pottery to people worldwide in order to preserve such traditional pottery-making methods for the future. We hope to make known to many the immense effort, time, and affection poured into creating a single piece of pottery.

Mr. Saeki

Shigaraki Pottery artist

Born in Kyoto and residing in Yubune. His father was a Kyoto-based kimono dye artist. After training in Shigaraki, he established his klin in Yubune.

Soil Crafting Dedication

Unique Blend Utilizing Yubune's Soil

Shape design

The technique of "hollowing out," wherein a lump of clay is carved out to shape the vessel.

Highly Skilled Anagama Firing

The traditional baking method in Shigaraki. He fires for 8 to 10 days.

Shigaraki Pottery
One of the six ancient pottery places in Japan

Shigaraki is located in the neighboring town to Yubune, where d:matcha is situated.
From the 13th century onwards, production of water containers and tea utensils using anagama kilns became lively.
The austere and wabi-sabi taste of Shigaraki ware can be considered an art symbolizing Japanese culture.

Artworks by Mr. Saeki