Matcha bowl "Winter Moon寒月" by Mr. Saeki, a local artist (Free shipping)

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"This beautiful piece features a white base with a diagonal ash-gray gradient, evoking a sense of natural strength akin to cutting out white rocks, coupled with the tranquility of Zen. When exposed to light, the surface gleams and sparkles. Observing from above reveals its shape, close to a square within a circular form.

Fired towards the front of the kiln, it accumulates ample ash resulting in a stunning white color, with faint gradients of a watery blue hue visible.


Pottery Technique: Hollowing out (a method of shaping by hollowing out a lump of clay)
Firing Method: Anagama Kiln. Fired towards the front of the kiln
*Comes with a wooden box (bearing Mr. Saeki's personal inscription)"