Soil Crafting

Unique Blend Utilizing Yubune's Soil

Amidst many ceramic artists who acquire soil for their pottery, Mr. Saeki pursues the entire process of soil crafting by his own hands. He blends the local soil from Yubune with that from the neighboring town of Shigaraki.

The soil in the Yubune and Shigaraki areas is renowned as the ancient Biwako layer, considered a miraculous earth ideal for ceramics.


Miraculous Soil — Born from Lake Biwa, the Ancient Lake in Shigaraki and Yubune

Approximately three million years ago, Lake Biwa, a world-famous ancient lake, originated in Mie Prefecture and moved to its current position, passing through the areas of Shigaraki and Yubune. It's said that the Shigaraki and Yubune regions were once at the bottom of this lake.

The strata formed by the accumulated sediments and clays in the ancient Lake Biwa are known as the Biwako layer. This intricate stratum comprises clay, sand, and gravel, interspersed with dozens of layers of volcanic ash. The white clay derived from granite contains abundant feldspar and quartz.

Iron turns fiery red when fired, while feldspar turns glassy. The soil’s intriguing texture, fiery red hue (scarlet color), and natural glaze offer an unparalleled aesthetic that can't be found elsewhere, making it its most captivating attribute.