Matcha Bowl "White Snow白雪" by Mr. Saeki, a local artist (Free shipping)

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This piece exudes a charming impression with its round form and smooth surface. During the anagama kiln firing, the ash that settled on it creates a white gradient on the sides. The front and back display different scenery, giving varied expressions depending on the angle. Additionally, the interior is black, with irregularities formed by accumulated ash, emitting a mysterious power. When viewed from the top, the shape appears close to oval.

There are crazing lines on the surface. "Crazing" refers to the pattern resembling cracks or fissures that form during the cooling process after the pottery has been fired in a kiln. It's a phenomenon where the glaze contracts differently from the ceramic body, resulting in the glaze forming crack-like patterns upon solidifying. This has traditionally been one of the highlights in appreciating pottery, so please enjoy it.


Pottery Technique: Carving
Firing Method: Anagama Kiln (Front of the Kiln)
*Comes with a wooden box