Matcha bowl "Koku刻" by Mr. Saeki, a local artist (Free shipping)

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"This is a powerful piece with the characteristic red clay surface of Shigaraki ware, a rugged form, and unique patterns. The distinctive patterns created by pushing a spatula convey a solemn atmosphere, resembling unearthing ancient pottery. Moreover, the gray gradation around the drinking rim, a natural occurrence from the ash during firing, adds depth to this artwork.

Fired towards the rear of the kiln, it displays Shigaraki's characteristic fiery color and an exceptional scene created by the ash around the drinking rim.


Pottery Technique: Hollowing out (a method of shaping by hollowing out a lump of clay)
Firing Method: Anagama Kiln. Fired towards the rear of the kiln
*Comes with a wooden box (bearing Mr. Saeki's personal inscription)"