Getting to d:matcha Kyoto

d:matcha Kyoto is located in Yubune, Wazuka-cho. Kyoto-fu which is the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. We are most easily accessible from Kyoto city center (see detailed directions below) but are also accessible from the city centers of Osaka, Shiga, and Nara.

d:matcha Kyoto address: 〒619-1203 Gonose 142, Yubune Wazuka-cho, Souraku-gun Kyoto-fu 
*Google sometimes shows an unproper route to get to our store. Please follow the information below.

(1)Public transit to Ishiyama station + taxi option (fastest, most convenient from Kyoto and Osaka. Highly recommended rout )

※A lot of taxi waits at the taxi spot in Ishiyama station. There is few taxi at Kizu station and Kamo station.  

  • Total Cost (one-way): ~9,500JPY/ per a group
  • Total Travel time (one-way)
      :from Kyoto station ~55minutes
      :from Osaka station ~80minutes

    (1) Take JR Train or Keihan train to Ishiyama Station in Shiga prefecture

(2)Public transit option (most cost-effective, but most complicated. Not recommended if you are not familier with Japan public transportation)

  • Train(Kamo station) + Bus (Wazuka Shogakko bus stop)+ Shared car (Wazcar)
    • Cost (one-way): ~1,500JPY/ person
    • Navigate to Waukashogakko bus stop in Wazuka, Kyoto
    • Wazcar needs reservation. Please contact "" in advance to book Wazcar
  • Upon arrival to Kamo station, exit the West Gate to get to the bus stop.
  • Please note that the bus only runs once per hour. To be on time for the tour, please take the bus below.
  • Kamo Station → Wazukashogakko bus stop : 9:05→9:22
  • Wazcar pick you up at 9:25 and arrive at d:matcha at 9:33


    • Kamo Station → Wazukashogakko bus stop: 9:11→9:28
    • Wazcar pick you up at 9:30 and arrive at d:matcha at 9:38

(3)Drive / Car rental option

  • Renting a car is also a very convenient option to get to d:matcha. We have a free parking lot, so please feel free to visit by car.
  • We recommend Nippon Rent-A-Car to reserve a vehicle for your trip

(4)Taxi option

  • Cost (one-way): ~15,000JPY
  • Travel time (one-way): ~60 minutes from Kyoto Station
  • Our recommended taxi service is Yasaka Taxi. Please send the email to in English.
  • Please provide the taxi driver with the below address.

To get back from d:matcha

To Kyoto

Taxi (fastest way)


    • Most groups can take a taxi at 1:15pm to JR Ishiyama Sta. (We can call taxi from d:matcha)
    • You will arrive at Kyoto Station around 2.15pm.

Public transportation (Wazcar+Bus+JR train)


    • Pick you up at 1:40 at d:matcha to connect the bus at 2:11 from Wazukashogakko bus stop which arrive at Kamo station at 2:33.
    • You will arrive at Kyoto Station around 4:00pm

To Nara

Public transportation (Wazcar+Bus+JR train)


    • Pick you up at 1:40 at d:matcha to connect the bus at 2:11 from Wazukashogakko bus stop which arrive at Kamo station at 2:33.
    • You will arrive at Nara Station around 3:00pm.

Nearby attractions

  • Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
    • Shigaraki is one of the most famous pottery places in Japan. As one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns, it is one of the oldest pottery-producing sites in Japan. It is very close from d:matcha Kyoto and takes around 20 minutes by car. (There is no public transportation to visit Shigaraki.)
  • Miho Museum 
  • Ishiyama Temple
    • Ishiyama Temple was constructed in 747CE. The temple possesses two fragments of manuscripts of the Records of the Grand Historian (Shiji 史記), the first of China's 24 dynastic histories, which are the only known extant fragments that pre-date the Tang dynasty (618–907). According to literature available at the temple complex, the guardian carvings at Sanmon/Todaimon are by Tankei and Unkei. Allegedly, Murasaki Shikibu began writing The Tale of Genji at Ishiyama-dera during a full moon night in August 1004. In commemoration, the temple maintains a Genji room featuring a life-size figure of Lady Murasaki and displays a statue in her honor.
    • You can take Keihan Train from Ishiyamadera Station to access the temple.