Life as a d:matcha intern

Kayla A. from California, US

While interning, I’ve gotten a chance to see firsthand how all these components come together to create quality tea. I came to d:matcha with so many questions, had so many answers, and left with a whole set of new questions. Learning about tea is not something that can be completed in an internship, it is a lifelong learning journey and this is what I love about it! I’ll miss our d:matcha family dinners, processing sencha at the factory with Hiroki, tea tasting with Misato, and so much more. Thank you to the d:matcha team for creating a wonderful space for people from around the world to come and learn with you!

Michael from Australia

"From applying fertiliser and cutting tea plants, to learning how to properly make and serve matcha and tea, d:matcha allowed me to participate and learn in the many activities that it undertakes in its business. For anybody who has an interest in tea or entrepreneurship, I would highly recommend joining as an intern! This company has so much going on. Daiki-san and the d:matcha family treated me as one of their own and I couldn't have felt more welcomed. Will miss great conversations over dinner!"

Ruth from Ghana

"My experience working at d:matcha was meaningful and surreal. As a very young start-up, the team was multi-talented and roles very fluid. This enabled me to bring my previous experience to bear and test new skills... Daiki and his team were extremely friendly and supportive during my stay. It was a deep immersive experience into a foreign culture in a very traditional and historic location. Even though I didn’t know the language, life in Wazuka was very fun and exciting with lots of festivals, onsens, scenic views, tourist sites, and gorgeous hiking trials just a few minutes away."

Lucie from France

"It is said that the process of making tea unites hearts, and this statement has definitely been verified for me. Despite the language barrier and cultural differences I felt the freedom to be myself with the Tanakas. Everyone contributed in their own way during my tea journey in Japan and for that I will be forever grateful.... Misato-san was a friend to me, she guided & encouraged me in my exploration of Japanese tea. Daiki-san inspired me with his innovative vision and was kind enough to answer in English the torrent of questions I asked him... Most of all, they made me feel like I was part of their family."

Franzi from Germany

While I usually stare at a screen for most of the day, interning at D:Matcha has been a huge and refreshing change for me so far, allowing me to disconnect and focus on the simple pleasures of everyday life. Instead of checking emails, I now start my days with a freshly whisked cup of Matcha, trying new D:Matcha cultivars, while overlooking the tea fields of Yubune and enjoying the morning sun.