The Story

Currently less than 2% of tea produced in Japan is farmed organically. Aside from requiring a higher amount of investment and time, one challenge we need to tackle is not just producing organic tea, but organic tea that is delicious.

Similar to last year, the focus of our organic farming methods encompass three different cultivated varieties (yabukita, okumidori, and gokou) in the Yubune region of Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture.

For 2022 we will also adding a special selection of handpicked yabukita. This tea is harvested from our organically managed tea field in the Harayama Region of Wazuka, Kyoto.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to having you on board again this year!

Adoption Process

All of our 2021 adopters' were given a お守り (omamori), which is said to bring good luck! These adorable trinkets can be hung in your home, phone, or wallet.

Our omamori are made to order. The inner compartment is filled with Japanese black tea leaves and a small piece from the bark of a tea tree. The cloth used is recycled from a former sewing factory in Wazuka Town.

As per continuing the tradition, each adopter for 2022 will also receive a personalised 絵馬 (ema or wooden plaque), which is hung at Hakusan Shrine in Yubune, Wazuka, Kyoto.