Tea Farm Vacation Rental ~Tea Moon~  ※Breakfast /Dinner are included

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Revitalize Yubune Resion

We invite you to relax in our authentic and traditional Japanese house with a gorgeous view of d:matcha’s tea farm. 

About Yubune Region

This project was developed by the strong passion of Daiki, founder and CEO owner of d:matcha to rejuvenate Yubune by respecting the former traditions and support by the Japanese government.

The construction was finished in March 2023 and is part of a larger effort to revitalize the Yubune region, including the restoration and preservation of the 1000 years old Hakusan Shrine, located three minutes from the property.


 Tea Picking and Factory Tour is highly recommended to join while the stay. 

In general it costs 17,500JPY/person, but people who stay tea moon can join at 10,000JPY. 
Embark on a farm tour and tea flight with a guided tour by our experienced tea instructors. Customers who stay at Tea moon can join the tour at free from 9:30 am after check out the room. 

Property details

・Two bedrooms (queen beds)
・Two living rooms
・One restroom with shower and a bathtub, overlooking our tea field
・One kitchen
・No smoking
・Free Wi-Fi available
・2-4 guests  (guests need to be over 5 years old). If you are a solo traveler, please reserve for two guests

・Bath with homemade tea bath salt
・Free assortment o of d:matcha green tea
・Shampoo / Conditioner / Body wash /Towels
・Microwave / Refrigerator / Electric stove / Pan / Knife / Plates and cutlery

・Breakfast and Dinner are included

Local dinner and breakfast can be served in d:matcha Kyoto 3 minutes walk from the Tea Moon property.  We aim to feature local ingredients and collaborate with local elders to serve traditional, healthy cuisine. 

※Example of dinner

  • Local meat (Oumi Beef/Local deer) 
    • We can also serve tofu-steak instead of meat
  • Fresh vegetable produced in Yubune 
  • Rice d:matcha produced in Yubune
  • Varieties of sweets made by d:matcha 
  • All plates will be served that are made by Shigaraki 
  • Additional 
    • d:matcha matcha beer / houjicha stout 
    • Kyoto Fushimi sake 
    •  Kyoto Tanba wine 

 You can also enjoy cooking in the kitchen.

Basic kitchen items are ready for cooking(Microwave/Refrigerator/Electric stove/Pan/Knife/Plates/Chopsticks/Fork and spoons).
If you are interested, please let us know and we will be happy to show you the supermarket in Wazuka.



Please visit d:matcha Kyoto(〒619-1203 Gonose 142, Yubune Wazuka-cho, Souraku-gun Kyoto-fu) . After you check in, we will take you to the Tea Moon property

・You can park your car at d:matcha Kyoto

・Check-in is at 3:00pm. Check out is 11:00am. (if you join the tea tour, check out is 9:30) 

・We have discount for customers who stay more than two nights. Please contact "info@dmatcha.com" about it. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancel by emailing to info@dmatcha.com up to 14 days prior to the stay or within 24 hours after the booking, you are entitled to a full refund. Otherwise, no refund will be issued.



Feature of this vacation rental

    • Kept the original structure of a Japanese house 
      • In the past, Yubune was a famous region of the wood industry. Because of the weather and landscape, the wood produced in Yubune was rated as a high quality wood. Houses in Yubune were also made by local woods which are now almost impossible to purchase. Even carpenters said it is way cheaper to start from scratch than renovating, however, we strongly wished to keep the original structure. 
      • Traditional Japanese houses are made with natural ingredients. Structure is made of wood and stone. Wall is made by clay with rice straws and bamboo. Roof is made of clay tile. We followed the way though we needed to fix by new ingredients. Tatami mat was created immediately for this house.
    • Upgraded the modern features for comfortable stay 
      • Upgraded to the modern style for kitchen, restroom bath-tub. 
    • Set the low beds on the tatami mat to enjoy the comfortable sleep. The size of the beds are queen size. 
    • Original Tea bath salt
      We are making the tea bath salt made by our tea. You can soak into the bathtub. Tea has a good function for your skin. You can enjoy d:matcha organic tea farm even while taking a bath. Also there is a bench to relax and cool down. 
    • Recycled the former house’s ingredients 
      • Wall made of clay became the soil of the garden. 
      • Crushed the former roof tile and put it under the house to capture the extra moisture which was taken in the northern part of Kyoto. Also spread the tile in front of the house as the garden paving stone. 
    • View of the tea farm
      The house is surrounded by tea farms. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the  Japanese countryside.