Matcha bowl "Seiryu清流" by Mr. Saeki, a local artist (Free shipping)

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The white beautiful hue born from the ash during the firing in the anagama kiln, combined with the unique texture carved out through hollowing, gives this tea bowl an atmosphere reminiscent of sculpted rock. The term "Seiryu" refers to the clear flow of water, and indeed, this piece captures a beautifully refreshing essence.

The shape, viewed from the top, is close to a triangle, fitting comfortably in hand when drinking. It was fired in the front of the kiln and rapidly cooled using a technique called "Kyusui" (quick cooling), resulting in a bluish tint on certain parts due to the rapid cooling. The white hue is a result of the red pine's ash.


About "Kannyu"貫入, Pinholes

"Pinholes" are similar to cracks or fissures that appear on ceramics during the cooling process after they are taken out of the kiln. To elaborate further, it's a phenomenon that occurs due to the differential rates of contraction between the ceramic body and the glaze, causing the glaze to harden in a cracked pattern. Throughout history, pinholes have been considered one of the highlights in ceramic appreciation, so enjoy this aspect while observing the pottery.


Pottery Technique: Carving
Firing Method: Anagama Kiln Firing (Front of the Kiln)
*Comes with a wooden box (Signed by Mr. Saeki)