Shigaraki Pottery

Where is Shigaraki?

Shigaraki is located in the neighboring town to Yubune, where d:matcha is situated in Wazuka-cho, Yubune area. Shigaraki ware is one of Japan's six ancient kilns, and Mr. Saeki apprenticed under a Shigaraki ware artist for seven years. (Shigaraki ware has been certified as a Japanese heritage.)


The history of  Shigaraki

The origins of Shigaraki ware trace back to around 1500 years ago when it was believed to have begun by firing the roof tiles of the imperial palace during its relocation to Shigaraki. From the 13th century onwards, production of water containers and tea utensils using anagama kilns became lively. Masterpieces of tea utensils and other tea-related items were crafted, and the austere and wabi-sabi taste of Shigaraki ware can be considered an art symbolizing Japanese culture.