Near-Wazuka Experiences

Whether you are travelling to Wazuka by public or private transport, there are many other scenic and undiscovered spots for you to explore after having a cup of tea with us.

Wazuka-cho, Kyoto

Recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan, Wazuka has a rich background steeped both in the production of Japanese tea as well as cultural history.


To access Wazuka you are most likely to pass through either the towns of Kamo or Kizu, both of which fall under the jurisdiction of Kizugawa-shi.

The area is also formerly home to Kuni-kyō, which served as the capital city for five years under Emperor Shōmu during the Nara period (ad 710-784).

Kizugawa-shi is the southermost city of Kyoto Prefecture.


Considered by many to be the birth place of Japanese green tea production in Japan, Ujitawara Town began tea cultivation in the Kamakura Period. This location is also where Soen Nagatani created his irreplaceable sencha production method after 15 years of trial and error.


Recognised in Japan as one of the Six Ancient Kilns, Shigaraki craftsmen have distinguished themselves as a standard for pottery in Japan. The trademark quality and untouched orange glaze began since the region started pottery production in ancient times and continues today.

Other regions that have achieved this status include Echizen, Seto, Tokoname, Tanba, and Bizen.

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