Shohoji Temple (正法寺)

The Shohoji Temple located in Wazuka, Kyoto was constructed by Buddhist priest Gyouki in the year 774 after the passing of Prince Asaka.

Gyouki, or Gyouki Bosatsu as he is known posthumously, was one of the soujou (highest rank among Buddhist priests in Japan) personally selected by Emperor Shōmu. He was also responsible for the construction of the famous giant Buddha status located in Todaiji Temple, Nara Prefecture. Shohoji Temple was initially planned to be of a larger structure, it was remodelled to that of a smaller design. 

Shohoji Temple is well-known in Wazuka for its red maple leaves in autumn and clear view of Mount Kamatsuka. In the garden of the compound you will find stone-tables and chairs that can be freely used to take in the view.

There are also jizou or Kṣitigarbha statues littered in the compound. Sometimes referred to as ojizou-sama, he is one of the most loved and respected of all Buddhist divinities in Japan. Ojizou-sama is believed to be a protector of the souls of children. His statues are occasionally made to wear red clothes made out of yarn.


Additional Information:

  • Location's name in Japanese: 正法寺(京都府和束町)
  • Address: 和束町大字南小字下河原71, Wazuka, Soraku District, Kyoto 619-1213
Shohoji Temple (正法寺)