Kaijūsen-ji (海住山寺)

Kaijusen-ji Temple is considered a one of Japan's National Treasures and a must-visit for those travelling in this area.

The drive to temple, which is located near Yamashirocho Forest Park, takes you along an uphill road that is littered with cherry blossom trees. This makes the view exceptionally beautiful in spring when the sakura are in full bloom.

You will also be treated to stunning view of the Kamo area from the top of the temple.

Kaijusen-ji Temple is also home to the famous Five-storied Pagoda (pictured above). This structure is a pristine example of temple architecture dating back to the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). The pagoda was constructed as a reliquary for busshari, which are the precious physical remains of Prince Siddhartha. There are only two five-storied pagodas built in the Edo Period that have a mokoshi (secondary roof) and this is one of them.


Additional Information:

  • Location's name in Japanese: 海住山寺
  • Address: Kaijusankeigai-20 Kamocho Reihei, Kizugawa, Kyoto 619-1106
  • Distance from d:matcha Kyoto: Approximately 15 minutes by car
Kaijūsen-ji (海住山寺)