The Imperial Tomb of Prince Asaka (安積親王)

The Imperial Tomb of Prince Asaka is located in a unique location, on a small hill with tea fields bordering the circular burial mound.

Prince Asaka was one of Emperor Shomu's sons, the latter being the key figurehead responsible for the construction of the Great Buddha of Nara. Emperor Shomu's wives at the time included Empress Komyō of the Fujiwara clan and another lady from the Agatainukai no Hirotoshi clan.

There was speculation that Prince Asaka's death was an assassination attempt to prevent his accession to the throne. Furthermore, one of Prince Asaka's sons passed away at the young age of 17. Prince Asaka was also involved in a political power struggle is located between Kunikyo (currently known as Kamo Town) and Shigaraki Palace.

As he loved the scenery of Wazuka dearly, it was decided that his tomb was to be built here. Perhaps Wazuka’s beautiful landscape served as the prince’s sole source of comfort during the turbulent times that he faced.

The tomb is currently under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Household Agency.


Additional Information:

  • Location's name in Japanese: 安積親王, 和束墓
  • Address: Wazuka, Soraku District, Kyoto 619-1222
The Imperial Tomb of Prince Asaka (安積親王)