[Vegan] Baked Rice Doughnuts

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Satisfying Texture! Healthy baked vegan doughnut

We aimed to create animal-free and healthy doughnuts that are gentle on the body while providing a satisfying eating experience. Vegan and not oil-fried but baked in the oven.  Available in two flavors: matcha and houjicha. This product includes 4 doughnuts; Matcha×2, Houjicha×2.

The matcha variant boasts a subtle bitterness that gently spreads upon tasting. Diced almonds and yuzu peel are added as accents, enhancing its aroma and freshness.

The houjicha flavor offers a deep fragrance and richness of houjicha that lingers with each bite. Crushed cocoa nibs and walnuts create a subtle bitterness and a rich flavor profile.

Made with Rice, Gluten-Free & Vegan

Key ingredients include rice flour, cane sugar, cashew nuts, and rapeseed oil. Using rice flour in the dough provides a fluffy, chewy, and moist texture. Replacing butter with ground cashew nuts and rapeseed oil thoroughly mixed into a smooth paste brings out richness and juiciness. Baking in the oven instead of frying reduces the strain on the body.


These doughnuts offer a healthy and satisfying taste by combining the flavors of tea with the richness and umami of nuts.


Additional information

  • This product includes 4 doughnuts; Matcha×2, Houjicha×2
  • Life shelf: 60days after shipped
  • Each doughnut is approximately 6 cm in diameter and 2 cm in height.
  • Ingredients: Rice flour, soy milk, cane sugar, cashew nuts, canola oil, almond powder, dried yuzu, cacao nibs, walnut, baking powder, matcha, houjicha