Houjicha for Latte, Unsweetened (1kg)

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1kg of pure culinary-standard houjicha or approximately 220 cups. This is the same product used at the d:matcha store in Wazuka Town.

Our houjicha powder has a nice aroma, with a gentle mellow taste. In fact a handful of our customers in Japan visit our Wazuka store specifically for our houjichaThis pack is perfect for those who run their own cafes or who enjoy their houjicha latte on a daily basis.

Please note that this product does not contain any sugar.


Additional product information:

  • Ingredients: Roasted Japanese green tea
  • Total weight: 1kg
  • Production site: Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Expiry date: An estimated six months after being shipped. Please avoid sunlight and store in a cool and dark place. 
  • Shipping method: Standard