How to Brew - Gyokuro

When brewed with warm water, high-quality gyokuro can be enjoyed up to ffour times.
  • First brew: 40 degree celcius for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.
  • Second brew: 50 to 60 degree celcius for approximately a minute.
  • Third brew: 70 to 80 degree celcius for 30 seconds.
  • Fourth brew: 90 or boiling water. Immediately pour the tea into your teacup. You do not have to wait for the leaves to steep.

You may also brew gyokuro with cold water if you prefer a deeper umami taste.

  • Place the ice cubes on your gyokuro tea leaves.
  • Allow enough time for the ice cubes to melt and enjoy!
How to Brew - Gyokuro