Hiking in the Fog

A few weeks back, we woke up to the news that Typhoon Talim would be rocking us soon and we should be expecting heavy rains on the run up to that. Our major concern was whether we should proceed with the tours scheduled for the weekend. I'm glad the rains didn't stop us because climbing in the rain was more fun than I expected.

We had a very international group of four tourist and they were escorted on the hike by two local guides. We set off at about 10 am when we had just light rain showers and prepared effectively for the weather by wearing rain coats on the hike.

As we proceeded on the hike, we enjoyed some of the best views ever of foggy mountains filled with green tea. I especially have always wanted to get a foggy mountain view of Wazuka township and this could only happen at dawn so I was lucky to part of the experience today. The fog in Wazuka provides a unique ecosystem for green tea farming and differentiates it in taste from green tea made in other parts of Japan. Fog also provides very scenic views. It divides through the mountain and creates a nice portrait  like smoke form chimneys. Here are some of the views we enjoyed from today's hike.

Hiking in the Fog - d:matcha Kyoto