Wazuka!! There's a new lady in town!

From the exotic banana and pineapple fields in Ghana to the towering coconut trees in the Philippines, my next adventure takes me to the lush greenery and scenic tea fields in Wazuka, Japan. I didn't choose my destination, the journey to discover the potential of agriculture in economic growth has lead me to very interesting places of which I am grateful for.

I am a young social innovator currently pursuing MBA studies at The Stanford Graduate School of Business and very much interested in exploring rural life, sustainability, and ways to develop high value from agricultural products. And oh, did I forget to say I'm a Ghanaian? I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa with rich culture and heritage in farming but its a big-beautiful world, and travel gives as a chance to experience other cultures and create beautiful stories.

Over the next four weeks, I will be working with d:matcha and  sharing with you stories about green tea in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan. Whether you are a matcha green tea lover or a "teaddict" or you want to learn more about life on these hills, I will be educating you about the taste, blends and various products made out of the green tea grown in Wazuka with over 800 years of Japanese tea culture.

Let us take a break now to enjoy a nice cup of matcha tea.

Wazuka!! There's a new lady in town! - d:matcha Kyoto