Enjoy Roasted Green Tea's Warm Flavors

Today, there are a lot of crows flying around the fallow rice fields at the foot of Mt. Kamatsuka. The other day, I saw a black kite (the bird of prey, not the children’s toy) soaring above the same fields. Above all of this, the clouds flow by as light shifts from morning to afternoon.

Each day, the view from d:matcha Cafe & Kitchen's window changes in big and small ways. The green vegetables directly outside the window have grown significantly in the last few weeks and, to my novice eyes, look ready to harvest. I’ve watched some trees on the side of the mountain change colors for fall while the evergreen tea trees maintain their deep green color. Recently, we woke up to our first frost and, for a short time as the sun began to brighten the sky, the tea fields were dusted with a fine layer of white.

As the weather grows colder, the teas I enjoy drinking each day has shifted. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been gravitating more towards the roasted flavor of d:matcha’s houjicha (roasted green tea) and the spice of our ginger houjicha. Both teas are easy to brew in only about one minute - just add boiling water - and the flavors are warming in this cool weather.

I’m also enjoying genmaicha - green tea with roasted rice. In genmaicha, the delicate sweetness and refreshing green flavor of sencha is paired with the rich, nuttiness of roasted rice. The complexity of these flavors appeals to me while I sit inside and listen to the winter wind blow against the walls and windows.

What does your view look like these days? I’m sure that there are signs of the changing seasons where you are as well. I hope you will join me in enjoying a delicious cup of tea as you watch the seasons slowly change!

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Enjoy Roasted Green Tea's Warm Flavors - d:matcha Kyoto