Tea Moon Activities

Below are additional activities for our Bed & Breakfast guests to enjoy during their stay on the matcha farm. Email "info@dmatcha.com" for more information and pricing.

Please note the cooking classes require booking 2 weeks in advance!
1) Two newly charted self-guided hiking trails behind our farm: discover the tranquil allure of Wazuka, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Japan's serene countryside.
2) Matcha chocolate cake dessert making class: satisfy your sweet tooth and discover the art of crafting matcha chocolate cakes using the freshest ingredients straight from our farm.

3) Matcha soba noodle making class: roll up your sleeves and get ready to make matcha soba noodles from scratch. Our chef will guide you through every step.

4) Self-guided pottery tour to the historic ceramic town: tucked away amidst the scenic landscapes, Shigaraki's charm lies not only in its artisanal creations but also in the profound connection it shares with centuries of Japanese ceramic tradition.