Matcha Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

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We created the chocolate cookie sand.  You can enjoy the tasting depending on the strength of matcha chocolate between 3%,12% and 18%. The texture of crispy cookies and chocolate is so good. Cookies itself of course, our matcha cookies.  Please enjoy the rich harmony of matcha both in cookies and chocolate. We renewed the box package and can recommend this as a gift, too. 

Information on cookie sandwiches

3 different density of matcha chocolate

3% Fresh light taste and nice for children's snacks.

12% Thick matcha is enjoyable with its aroma.

18% Extremely thick and dark matcha.

※This package includes 3 cookies(one 3%, one 12%, and one 18%)

Homemade matcha cookies with homemade matcha chocolate.

Thick matcha is baked with almond and butter but the fresh taste of matcha is still enjoyable.  

 - Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control, the chocolate may melt during shipping, especially to locations with a warmer climate. No refunds can be provided in the event of such circumstances.

 Additional information:

- Shelf life: 90 days from the date of manufacture when stored at room temperature.
- Allergens: Egg, wheat, milk, almonds, dairy-based ingredients, and soybean.