Craft Tencha

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Tencha is the term commonly used for tea leaves that have been shaded for more than 21 days, and processed specially. While the duration of the shading required is similar to Gyokuro, the treatment process is starkly different. After the tea leaves have been steamed and dried, they are not kneaded into thin rolls. Instead, the stems and leaves are cut and evenly remixed to form Tencha.

Our craft tencha can be used as a cooking ingredient or even enjoyed as a cold brew.

Tencha is then commonly ground into fine powder, which is the commonly loved Matcha.

Watch our video on the harvesting process for Tencha here or take a trip to the Tencha factory with us here.

Whichever your choice of cusine may be for the Tencha, we hope that you enjoy it and the taste of Wazuka to the fullest.

Each resealable bag weighs approximately 40g.