2022 Sencha First Flush: Yabukita - Yubune Hakusan Shrine

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Cultivated variety: Yabukita
Shading period: N/A

Farmed with completely organic methods,  if what you're looking the signature fresh aroma of the first harvest, this is the sencha for you. This year's sencha yabukita also has a visually pleasingly vibrant green and a gentle umami taste.

About Yubune
Yubune is located in the northern region of Wazuka-cho. The mountainous terrain makes the weather 3℃ cooler than in central Wazuka, which causes the harvested tea to possess a much sweeter taste. These fields are also organic and pesticide-free.

Yubune is also a popular location for tea production as this area was formerly the main production site for competition-grade tea. The soil in the area is rich with nutrients, evident from the 500-year-old cedar trees that grace the borders of our tea fields.

Additional Information:

  • 40 g / 1.41 oz. Approximately 10 servings; please note that each serving can be brewed up to three times using water of different temperature levels.
  • Cultivation method: Pesticide-free.