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Entrepreneurship plays an essential role in introducing quality tea and tea culture to the world. Entrepreneurs set an example by honouring the authenticity of the processes, as well as with the creation of new tea-related crafts and services.

This course is dedicated to individual business owners, who wish to take that step. As a startup, d:matcha has been working through various challenges to change and create a more well-structured Japanese tea industry. We have also are constantly testing new solutions to tackle our society’s rising aging population.

Through our business school, we also aim to create a worldwide network and provide support to ensure the success of each entrepreneur who comes our way.

Join us in Wazuka-cho

If you are looking to experience life in the rural countryside of Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture, our Internship Programme is also available. Please drop us an email at hello@dmatcha.com to inquire more.

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