Tea Leaf Plate, Large - from Soraku Welfare Foundation

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<An Artistic Leaf to Decorate Your Table>

We have received a new shipment of the popular tea leaf plate, now available in a slightly larger size. Each plate is meticulously handcrafted, exhibiting the soft curves, patterns, and color variations unique to handmade products, evoking a sense of warmth. It reminds us of the Japanese spirit that cherishes a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

This versatile plate is not only perfect as a dessert plate but also ideal for serving dishes or as a small tray. Its slight depth makes it easy to handle and suitable for various uses, making it a convenient addition to any setting.


Size: Length 18.5cm, Width 13.2cm, Height 2.5cm (Due to being handmade, sizes, colors, and patterns may vary slightly between products.)

Additional Information:
No two plates are identical as they are all handmade.
The shape of the Tea Leaf plates are similar but they may be minor variations in terms of the colour patterns and intensity. As such there may be minute differences from the pieces we have in stock and those pictured.


Please note that the cost stated is for per plate.

【For our Inclusive Society】

This tea leaf pottery plate is made by people with disabilities at Soraku Welfare Foundation. Located about 40-minute drive from Wazuka Tea Farm, it has been operating under the objective of providing a place for them to work together regardless of any difficulties or differences they might have. 

One of our missions is to contribute to an inclusive society where everyone can live happily irrespective of disability.

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