Matcha Bowl (Yellow)

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Limited to five pieces.

As this matcha tea bowl is made from porcelain and clay, the product is highly absorbent and breathable. The more you use the tea bowl, the more you will be able to indulge in the true taste and texture of your matcha.

Taking care of your Matcha tea bowl:

  • Soak the bowl in lukewarm water to moisten the clay. This will also help to reduce any astringency and prevent stains.
  • As the product is water-absorbent, we highly recommend washing your matcha tea bowl thoroughly with clean water after use.
  • Once properly cleaned, dry your tea bowl before storing it. 

We hope that drinking matcha from this bowl will warm both your heart and soul. Enjoy the warmth of your matcha in a complete visceral experience. 

This bowl was made by a third generation potter from Sumiyama in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture.

 Learn how to brew matcha here.


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