Taking care of your handmade tea ware - Pottery


For handmade matcha bowls:

  • Soak the bowl in lukewarm water to moisten the clay. This will help to reduce any astringency and prevent stains.
  • As your matcha bowl is water-absorbent, we highly recommend washing your matcha tea bowl thoroughly with clean water after use.
  • Please wash your bowl gently with a scrub that does not have hard bristles. 
  • Once properly cleaned, gently pat down the bowl with a clean cloth and allow it to air dry before storing.
  • As there are small invisible holes on the surface of any pottery, the use of dark-coloured liquids or pigments may be absorbed and leave stains.


Other points to note:

  • Ideally dry the tea ware with a lint free cloth.
  • Use a gentle brush or old toothbrush to scrub parts that may be harder to reach.
  • Avoid using detergent that is too acidic or harsh as this may corrode the tea ware.
  • Please refrain from placing your tea ware in locations with high temperature such as the microwave, on top of a lit stove, or in an oven.
  • Clear the leaves from the tea ware as soon as you possibly can. Especially for lighter coloured tea pots, the unattended leaves may stain the interior to the tea ware if left untouched for an extended period of time.
  • Unglazed tea ware is porous, thus we would recommend sticking to one type of tea per pot.
  • For darker teas such as Japanese Black Tea, we would recommend using glazed tea pots.
Taking care of your handmade tea ware - Pottery