Taking care of your handmade tea ware - Bamboo tools


Taking care of your chasen:

  • To wash your chasen, run it warm water to remove all visible signs of matcha.
  • Alternatively, you may fill a bowl with warm water and gently whisk the chasen through it to remove the matcha. 
  • Please remember to be gentle and to avoid scrapping the bottom of the bowl with your chasen as this will ruin the product.
  • Avoid washing your chasen with soap or detergent.
  • Leave your chasen out to air dry after washing it. Ideally this should be done with the chasen lying on its side.
  • Once your chasen has completely dried, let it stand upright on its base.
  • Please avoid storing your chasen in an enclosed plastic container. As your chasen is made from bamboo, the item is highly susceptible to mold.
  • If mold appears on your chasen, you may place it in boiling water to clean it.
  • You may use a kuse-naoshi to keep the form of your chasen’s bristles.



Taking care of your chashaku:

  • Similar to your chasen, your chashaku is made of bamboo and will require the same gentle care.
Taking care of your handmade tea ware - Bamboo tools