Recipe: Matcha Tigre Financier

In a special collaboration with Japanese YouTuber Chocolate Cacao, D:matcha Kyoto's beloved financier takes on a spin in the form of Matcha Tigre Financiers!


Tigre is a round baked confectionery that translates to "tiger" in French. Chocolate chips bits are kneaded into the dough so the pastry takes on the form of tiger stripes. The moist texture and luxurious aroma of burnt butter is then paired with a centre filling of matcha chocolate. 

Recreate this recipe with our Matcha Yabukita for patisseries today. We promise you that your homemade tigre will taste as good, or not even better than the original!

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Alternatively you may purchase these Matcha Tigre from our international online store. Using only premium ingredients, d:matcha's take on this perfect treat was made entirely with Wazuka-grown tea and produced in Wazuka Town. Two variations of tigre were specially created: one without a matcha chocolate coating, and one with a matcha chocolate coating

Recipe: Matcha Tigre Financier