How To Brew - Matcha

The key to enjoying a good bowl of matcha lies in the flick of your wrist!

  • Sieve one teaspoon (2g) of matcha through a tea strainer and into your matcha bowl.

  • To start, add just a dash of boiling water. With your chasen, whisk the matcha and water lightly till the powder is well dissolved. You should have a thick matcha paste.

  • Following that, gently add more boiling water to the bowl. Please note that the standard amount of hot water required is usually 90ml.
    • Tracing the chasen in a “W” motion, whisk the matcha until you reach a creamy consistency.
  • To achieve a smoother texture, glide the tip of your chasen in a similar motion across the surface of the matcha. This motion dissolves the foam and breaks down any remaining bubbles on the surface.

  • Finally, to remove the chasen, swirl and raise it gently from the centre of the bowl. 
How To Brew - Matcha