Sustainable agriculture: Eco-packaging

If you purchased tea from us recently you may have noticed a slight difference in our packaging!

This mark on the back means that the package is eco-friendly, made from plant-derived substances, and biodegradable. We would however also recommend reusing the bag and if you do dispose of it that you do so a responsible manner.

Similarly if you have purchased any of products that come in the form of tea bags, these are also biodegradable! Made from soilon, which is derived from polylactic acid, bury your used d:matcha tea bags to break them down. This also makes the perfect compost.

Our customers' support has been one of the main driving forces in our continuous push towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly tea community. This is just one example of how you're helping us bring our vision to life. 

We look forward to bringing you pesticide-free Wazuka grown Japanese green tea in more innovative ways.

Watch more videos on our pesticide-free farming initiatives on our YouTube Channel.

Sustainable agriculture: Eco-packaging