[Vegan] Matcha Chocolate Set

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Dairy-Free, Premium Matcha Vegan Chocolate

Note: We don't sell chocolate in summer season. We will start to sell in autumn.

Enjoy three different matcha concentrations—3%, 6%, and 15%. Free from animal-based ingredients and using cane sugar instead of white sugar, this chocolate is gentle on the body.

To perfectly blend the allure of matcha and chocolate, we created our original vegan white chocolate recipe. With the addition of nuts and coconut milk powder, we've brought out richness and depth, creating a luxurious taste. Experience a crispy texture that melts softly in your mouth with every bite.

As it's free from dairy, the matcha flavor comes across more distinctly.

Comparison of Three Matcha Concentrations

We've carefully curated three matcha concentrations for you to savor the essence of matcha:
- 3%: A rich, milky taste where the gentle aroma of matcha spreads across the palate.
- 6%: A balanced blend of matcha's slight bitterness and umami.
- 15%: An intense bitterness and strong aroma akin to drinking matcha directly. Ideal as a small gift or a treat for yourself.

Additional information

This product includes 3 piece of matcha chocolates; 3%, 6%, 15%
Life shelf: 60days after shipped
Ingredients: oats, cacao butter, cane sugar, cashews, matcha and coconuts
Size for each piece: 4cm × 2.2cm × 0.6cm(height)
Box size: 11cm × 3.8cm × 2cm(height)

Note: Vegan chocolate isn't suitable for shipping to regions with temperatures exceeding 23°C. Please refrain from ordering in such areas as we cannot take responsibility for melted chocolate.