Matcha: Okumidori

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Okumidori matcha has a naturally sweet flavor similar to milk. The tea is deep and beautiful jade green. This premium pesticide-free matcha has a lighter taste both in umami and in bitterness, and its aroma is refreshing like a sencha.

Due to its milder taste that contains all the health benefits of a matcha, this variety is growing in popularity and is commonly used in tea ceremonies. Watch the harvesting process for our okumidori here.

Additional product information:

  • Cultivated variety: Okumidori
  • Weight: 20g (approx. 10 servings)
  • Product type: Matcha
  • Nutritional content: Caffeine (64mg), Catechin/Theanine (0.2g), and Vitamin C (1.2mg)