Matcha Chasen (Whisk) - Long

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Handmade by Chikumeido in Takayamacho, Nara Prefecture.

Chikumeido Chasen is one of the top chasen producers who has been preserving a 500-year-old tradition in Takayama, the village of chasen in Nara Prefecture. They received recognition from His Majesty the Emperor of Japan at the National Sports Meeting held in Nara. Furthermore, they earned many praises for their high-quality chasen from the Japanese ministries for many years.

No machines are used by chasen masters, as the traditional steps are mastered using only their fingers and few trusted tools.

The handcrafted chasen is made of black bamboos that is processed from 2-3 year-old, high-quality bamboos by deoiling. 

The length of the handle is approximately 9cm. It's suitable to whisk matcha/tea in your mug and glass.