Matcha bowl "Black Dragon黒龍" by Akira Shimizu (Free shipping)

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Hand-painted matcha bowl by Akira Shimizu, a Traditional Craftsman in Kyoto

This is a creation by traditional Kyoto ceramic artist, Mr. Akira Shimizu. A striking matcha bowl adorned with a colored dragon painted in gold and silver against a black background. The dragon represents the zodiac sign for 2024 and makes for a fitting hand-painted matcha bowl to welcome the new year.

Incidentally, the 'dragon' symbolizes power and prosperity, making it an extremely auspicious creature. Surely, it will beckon good fortune.

Not only the front but also the back and inner sides of the matcha bowl are adorned with beautiful patterns using gold and silver. Simply gazing upon this matcha bowl is an enjoyable experience in itself." 

If the item is sold out, please contact, and we will arrange for the artist to create additional pieces.




About an artist, Akira Shimizu

1957: Born in Gojo, Kyoto

1977: Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Ceramic Training School

           Studied under the guidance of the first-generation Kawabe Bisen

1984: Became independent and opened a kiln

2006: Recognized as a traditional craftsman

2016: Designated as "Master of the Future" in Kyoto's traditional industry

2018: Appointed Chairman of the Kyoto Overglaze Enamel Pottery Cooperative Association

2021: Presently, Vice Chairman of the Kyoto-yaki Shimizu-yaki Traditional Craftsman Association



  • Size: Diameter 12cm x Height 8.5cm
  • Comes with a wooden box
  • Note: Colored with gold and silver, so please do not use a dishwasher. Wash gently by hand to prevent the coloring from peeling off.