[Susbcription] Blended Tea Sampler

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Embark on a fruity experience with our special d:matcha Blended Tea Subscription!

What you'll receive every three months:

  • Six different types of blended tea specially prepared in Wazuka, Kyoto 

Additional Information:

  • Each bag contains 10 eco-teabags that weigh 4g each. With the exception of our "Chai - Spiced Japanese Tea" and "Japanese Black Tea with Rosehip", which contain 8 eco-teabags that weigh 4g each.

Subscription terms and conditions:

  • The blended tea will be shipped once every three months.
  • Subscribers are charged before each shipment is delivered.
  • Our subscriptions are non-binding, which means customers are allowed to pause or cancel their subscriptions at their own discretion.
  • Shipping fees are included.