2019 First Flush: Sencha 0 Days Shaded

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Cultivated variety: Yabukita
Shading period: N/A

Harvesting without being shaded. Tea farmers refer to this method as “Bari Roji”. This method of production produces tea that greatly reflects on the characteristics of the soil and terrain. 

You will be able to enjoy the unique fresh and refreshing aroma, especially for the young shoots harvested in spring.

Additional Information:

  • 40 g / 1.41 oz. Approximately 10 servings; please note that each serving can be brewed up to three times using water of different temperature levels.
  • Seicha processing: To further emphasise the charm of our tea, d:matcha works closely with wholesalers during the processing phase. After the tea leaves are harvested, rolled, and dried, excess stem or powder are also carefully extracted. These tea leaves are gently reheated, but not to the point of roasting, to further highlight the aroma and taste of the tea.