Wholesale - Japanese Tea

Carefully curated from Wazuka Town

All our products are harvested by hand from our three hectares of green tea fields. We carefully monitor, study, and modify the management plans to tailor to each field. This includes the use of top end organic fertilisers, the timing of harvesting, and off-season care.

An international twist with a Japanese heart

We have the capability and experience to repurpose and localise your desired product without compromising the authenticity and quality of the tea. In addition to our cafe in Japan, we have three successful franchises in the Philippines, one in France, and our loyal tea subscribers include those residing in North America and Europe.

This demonstrates a universal appreciation for our tea and its unmatched quality.

Product options:

  1. Sencha
  2. Matcha
  3. Houjicha
  4. Wakocha (Japanese black tea)
  5. Blended tea

Packaging options:

  • D:matcha packaging
  • Bulk packaging
  • Original packaging

Please note:
There is no MOQ and price is dependant on the order quantity.