Wholesale - Tea Confectionery

Unmatched quality from start to finish

Our tea products and confectionaries have been consistently well received by the local Japanese consumer market. Although we are the only farm-to-table company in the business, we are competent enough to actively compete with well-established Japanese tea companies. Furthermore, d:matcha's products have also been displayed in department stores such as Isetan, Kintetsu, and ecute Ueno.

Farmers who excel in the kitchen

Our confectionaries are handmade and conceptualised by our team; in other words, the very same farmers who tend to our fields. This comprehensive knowledge is visibly translated and brought to life through our delicious desserts. We are also on-hand to provide assistance and guidance on the type of products that would work best for you.

Our expertise comes from experience

We have done the legwork, so trust us when we say we know how tricky it is when it comes to shipping confectionary. This however, has not stopped us nor our clients from Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Italy. Wherever you may be in the world, we'll do our best to ensure our products reach you in one piece.

Product options:

  1. Financier
  2. Assorted tea chocolate
  3. Assorted tea cookies
  4. Cheesecakes
  5. American cookies
  6. Energy bars / Granola
  7. Gateau chocolate cakes

Packaging options:

  • D:matcha packaging
  • Bulk packaging
  • Original packaging

Please note:
There is no MOQ and price is dependant on the order quantity.