2023 Sencha First Flush: Samidori

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Cultivated variety: Samidori
Shading period: 8 days
Cultivation method: Pesticide-free
Harvest season: Spring / 1st flush

Samidori is a representative cultivar of Kyoto, and is often grown as matcha or gyokuro. Harvesting it as sencha is quite rare and valuable.
You can enjoy the jasmine-like aroma, which is the original fragrance of Samidori cultivar, in the refreshing astringency.

8 days shaded sencha

This year, it was grown under cover for eight days.
Farmers call it "choikabu" (a short period of covering). By covering it a little, it has a balanced taste that retains the refreshing flavor of sencha while allowing you to enjoy the umami.
*Covering is the cultivation method to block sunlight before harvesting by shading tea fields with a black fabric sheet.

Sencha Samidori Comparison set 2022 & 2023 

We have created a set that allows you to compare last year's tea with this year's tea.
- 2022: 12 days of covering
- 2023: 8 days of covering

Last year's tea has a stronger umami flavor, but this year's tea has a stronger aroma.


This field is in front of the Hakusan Shrine and one of the closest fields from our cafe.

Additional Information:

  • 40 g / 1.41 oz. Approximately 10 servings; please note that each serving can be brewed up to three times using water of different temperature levels.
  • Cultivation method: Pesticide-free.