Kyusu Black Sakura (Traditional Japanese Teapot) - Handmade in Tokoname

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The pattern of blooming Sakura showcases the beauty of Japanese spring, the time of the best tea harvest of the year. Elegantly beautiful yet cool at the same time with the black color of the pot. Easy to grip and with excellent water drainage, it's a teapot that is comfortable to use. Enjoy the concentrated "last drop" of tea flavor that retains the richness of tea. Fits snugly in both hands, making it easy to brew for one person.

Color: Black
Size: 270ml

Gyokko Pottery House

Established in 1961 by the first generation. Traditional craftsman Hiroaki Umehara (Ceramic name: The second generation Gyokkou) apprenticed under the first Gyokkou master and actively engaged in production as the second generation of Gyokkou pottery. Winner of numerous awards, including the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and the Order of the Sacred Treasure.

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About Tokoname Ware

Pottery produced mainly in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. As one of Japan's six ancient kilns, it has been certified as a Japanese heritage due to its thousand-year history.

The clay used contains a large amount of iron oxide, giving it a characteristic reddish color. By firing without applying glaze, the teapot absorbs excess components. The reaction between the iron in the clay and tannins, one of the components of tea, results in a mellow taste. Therefore, Tokoname is known as a production area for teapots.