Genmaicha for Cold Brew

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Quantity: 100g.
Each purchase comes in a resealable pack.


A delicate balanced mix of roasted rice and tea, genmaicha is well known for its deep taste. When infused as a cold brew, the result is a refreshing brew. The natural aroma of the rice is also further enhanced in the absence of heat used during the steeping process.

The brown rice or genmai used to create this product was also harvested from Wazuka Town. As part of d:matcha's on going project to revitalise the region, we started organic rice farming in 2021.

How to enjoy this product:

  1. Place approximately 15g of tea leaves into an infuser. 
  2. Add one litre of soft water.
  3. Let the brew steep overnight, preferably in the refrigerator, for approximately 12 hours.