Hand-painted matcha bowl "Black Dragon黒龍" by Zensho Yamaoka

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Please note the cost stated is per piece and is available in limited quantities as it is handmade.

Japanese dragons symbolise good fortune and wealth. They bring us happiness, strength, and courage at each important turning point in our lives., the same feeling when we enjoy our matcha. Whisk your match in this bowl may bring your wishes come true.

This hand-painted matcha bowl is made by Zensho Yamaoka.

Zensho Yamaoka
Artist Information:

  • 山岡善昇窯 Zensho Yamaoka in Kiyomizu, Kyoto
  • Traditional Craftsman
  • Born in Mie Prefecture in 1942
  • After graduating from the Kyoto Prefectural Ceramics Vocational Training Institute in 1959, he became the apprentice of Zenjiro Kamizama (the first generation Zenpo)
  • In 1969, He established Yamaoka Ceramic Art Studio and received the name of Zensho from his master 
  • In 1990, He exhibited his arts at the International Garden and Greenery Exposition '90 Government Garden 
  • In 1992, selected for the Intercross Biennale Tea Ceremony Art Exhibition
  • In 1998, received the Kyoto Mayor's Award at the Kyoto Overglaze Enamel Exhibition
  • In 2002, certified as a traditional craftsman
  • In 2006, received the commendation of the Traditional Craft Industry Merit Award from the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry 
  • In 2010, received the commendation of the contributor at the Japan Traditional Craftsmen National Convention

Taking care of your Matcha tea bowl:

  • Soak the bowl in lukewarm water to moisten the clay. This will also help to reduce any astringency and prevent stains.
  • As the product is water-absorbent, we highly recommend washing your matcha tea bowl thoroughly with clean water after use.
  • Once properly cleaned, dry your tea bowl before storing it. 

We hope that drinking matcha from this bowl will warm both your heart and soul. Enjoy the warmth of your matcha in a complete visceral experience. 

(This matcha bowl is 8cm in height and the mouth is 11.8cm in width)

This bowl comes with a beautiful wooden box signed by Zensho Yamaoka