[Vegan] Rice Flour Muffins

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Healthy Muffin Irresistible for Every Breakfast

This muffin is baked with rice flour and rice oil instead of wheat and dairy.
No artificial flavor, preservative and food-coloring inside.
It is not too sweet and is fit for a light healthy snack.

We created it into a shape of a rice-ball-like triangle and wrapped in a Japanese-style wrapping cloth.

This product includes 6 muffins of 4 flavors.

Matcha with almond×2, Matcha with cranberry×2, Roasted tea with walnuts×1,Japanese black tea with coconuts×1

1 Matcha with almond: Enjoy the matcha aroma along with whole almond on top of the muffin. 

2 Matcha with cranberry: Dry sour-sweet cranberries go well with bitter matcha.

3 Roasted tea with walnuts: The aroma of roasted tea and walnuts fits with the muffin dough mixed with rum.

4 Japanese black tea with coconuts: Both ingredients include sweet aroma and are added with fruity dates.


Moist dough made from rice flour and soy milk

Without using wheat and animal products, the dough becomes more moist by using rice flour, rice oil and soy milk.

Rum is the key to the muffin’s aroma

Most vegan and gluten-free recipes end up with the same taste. So we added rum and dry fruits to add an enjoyable flavor.

Whole nuts and dry fruits

Topped with whole nuts and dry fruits for more taste and texture

Helping out with tea and rice

These muffins are full of healthy ingredients including tea, rice flour, nuts and dry fruits. We would like you to enjoy them as breakfast, lunch and snack.


Additional information

  • This product includes 6 muffins; Matcha with almond×2, Matcha with cranberry×2, Roasted tea with walnuts×1,Japanese black tea with coconuts×1
  • Life shelf: 30days after shipped
  • Size: 20cm × 7cm × 13cm(height)
  • Ingredients: soy milk, rice flour, brown sugar, rice oil, dates, almond powder, coconuts, cranberry, coconuts, walnuts, matcha, houjicha, Japanese black tea, rum, salt, baking powder