Tea Cookies (4 flavor options)

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Our homemade cookies available in 4 flavours: matcha, houjicha (roasted green tea), Japanese black tea, and yuzu (Japanese citrus). All natural, no artificial flavours or ingredients. 

Matcha Cookies

Using matcha harvested and produced by the d:matcha team, we created two distinct varieties of matcha for these cookies - one to highlights matcha’s rich green colour and the other to enhance the authentic matcha flavour in every bite you take.


Houjicha Cookies

Grown and harvested by the d:matcha team, we produce this houjicha specifically for our desserts to enhance the roasted green tea aroma and taste. We make these soft cookies with all natural ingredients and tea produced locally in Wazuka Town, Japan.


Black Tea Cookies

By using the highest quality, first harvest (First Flush) yabukita tea leaves to produce our black tea, we retain the lightness and natural sweetness of Japanese green tea. All natural ingredients and tea produced locally in Wazuka makes this soft cookie a real treat for everyone.


Yuzu Cookies

By only using yuzu grown and harvested locally in Wazuka Town, our products are guaranteed to have the freshest citrus flavour. After the yuzu is cut and dried by the d:matcha team, we make this soft cookie so you experience the sweet aroma and taste of yuzu in every bite.


Additional Information

Each box includes 8 pieces of cookies
- Shelf life: 90 days from the date of manufacture when stored at room temperature
- Allergens: Milk, wheat, and almonds