Houjicha with Ginger (100 tea bags)

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The combination of houjicha and ginger produces a tea that is spicy yet soothing to drink anytime of the year. 

When ginger is dried gingerol (a chemical compound) changes to shogoal. Shogoal, which has a similar chemical structure to gingerol is studied to possess a greater effect in warming the body than the latter. We thus decided to dry the ginger to maximise the nutritional benefits of this plant.

Our ginger is sourced directly from Kagoshima Prefecture.

How to enjoy this drink:

  1. As a warm drink: Steep in boiling water for 15 seconds. You can reuse the teabag if you'd like!
  2. As an iced drink: Steep in boiling water for a minute. Remove the teabag and add desired amount of ice.

Additional product information:

  • Ingredients: Roasted Japanese green tea, Ginger from Kagoshima Prefecture
  • Type: Teabag
  • Total weight: 400g or 100 tea bags
  • Production site: Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Shipping method: Standard