October 2019 Newsletter

- d:matcha tea farm (by Chisei.T )

 We have been giving our tea trees organic fertilizer to improve next years ‘ tea quality. Compared to the other tea production places, it is very common to give chemical fertilizer but not organic fertilizer in Kyoto. Have you drank tea that only has flavour after the first brew? If tea farmers use only chemical fertilizer for their tea trees, you rarely get to enjoy the 2nd brew. Actually, it is much more difficult to give organic fertilizer to tea trees than chemical fertilizer.

But we want to make you happy and wish to provide the best, so we do. By the way, in Japan, if you have no time and you are reckless, we say “mucha suruna” in Japanese. It means you have to have the time to drink tea. (mucha=no tea, suruna=Don’t) Please enjoy our tea without mucha♪

- d:matcha new products (by Natsuki.S)

 Autumn is here in Wazuka !! We have a new chestnut desserts menu: chestnut parfait! It takes a lot of technique to make a beautiful cream by using your wrist vertically. I know because I myself tried several times to make a beautiful chestnut cream. So when you order it, please take a photo! ※the chestnut parfait is served only Wazuka head office.

- about d:matcha( by Daiki.T

I started D-matcha and moved to Wazuka two years ago. My current focus is now on the future of our company and of Wazuka, which is primarily an aging society. An estimated 48% of residents in Wazuka are over 65 years old! Continuing the business in Wazuka is the same as confronting the issues faced by the countrysides of Japan.

At this point, as the biggest production site of UJI green tea, Wazuka’s beautiful scenery allows us to welcome a lot of tourists and tea lovers, which is very helpful for our business. However, I am also feeling the difficulty in hiring new staff and the aging of other farms, both resulting in the decrease of the # of tea farmers. To continue the business in Wazuka, we will also need to act for the region. It is tough, but I am an entrepreneur who is excited, and ready to face such a challenge.

To attract both employees and customers, we need to invent appealing content for both Japanese and international customers. In addition to our existing business and farm to table of the highest grade of Japanese green tea; I will also explore this through: “education for children” , “ marche”, and “agriculture technology” .


I had a boy in July 2019, and I am constantly thinking of his future. I want him to have a lot of experience with nature and broaden his way of thinking. Playing with insects, cultivating vegetables, and interacting with international children in nature. I will start the short program first.


I am surprised by how tasty the fresh vegetable in Wazuka are. I want to create an opportunity to share this taste with customers in the city. At the same time, cooking classes are a great tool to enhance and pass on local recipes from the elder ladies.

“agricultural technology

To solve the shortage of labor in Wazuka, I think new technology and new approaches are necessary. From this year, we will start to analyze our tea and farm soil by collecting the several data and attempt several projects through trial and errors. Also, to check the status of our fields, we plan to use drone to assist with the monitoring of each tea field.

Little by little, I will proceed with my plan and will share the outcome with those providing us with their precious support from all over the world. Thanks a lot.

October 2019 Newsletter - d:matcha Kyoto