Tea Bath Soaks (Beau-tea with d:matcha)

Introducing the latest product to be added to our beau-tea range: Tea Bath Soaks!

We are continuously innovating new products (related to tea!) so that you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of this beloved beverage.

Base ingredients:

  • Aoyanagiwhich is harvested after the First Flush of the year, is rich in antioxidant. This can help to alleviate muscle aches, relieve redness of the skin, and heal your skin from external irritants. Each sachet is generously packed with more than 20g of aoyonagi
  • Himalayan Rose Salt is rich in iron, minerals, and is well-known to provide excellent healing effects and moisturising properties. Rose salt also has an antiseptic effect, which can help to reduce inflammation.

The three different variations: 

  • Red Rose Petals: The gentleness of the rose petals also makes this suitable for those with sensitive skin. In addition to aiding in the detox process, red rose petals can alleviate feelings of anxiety, guaranteeing a good night's sleep ahead.
  • Chamomile: Similar to when it's brewed, soaking in a tub of with our Chamomile Tea Bath Soak is incredibly relaxing and calming. The antibacterial properties of the herb can also help to minimise scars and marks over time.
  • Mallow Blue: By adding and retaining moisture, our Mallow Blue Tea Bath Soak will also assist in relieving rashes brought about by the cold. The herb is also rich in vitamins C, and E, flavonoids, and tannins.

The soothing aroma of each variation is bound to help you unwind after a long day's hard work. You will feel as though you are soaking in a cup of delectable Wakuza Town-grown Japanese green tea.


Learn more about our Tea Bath Soaks here.

Tea Bath Soaks (Beau-tea with d:matcha)